1. And these four Khmer characters aren't (just) for Pali:

Last night I noticed khmerfonts.info said,

The last 4 characters [i.e., <°ū °û ś ṣ> above] are used only for pali.
They are rare, but that doesn't mean they're for Pali.

2. I found this post by No-sword (Matt Treyvaud) while trying to find more information about Flora Best Harris:

Hiiragi is often pressed into service as a Japanese translation for "holly" (in the Christmassy sense), but in fact it's a different plant: Osmanthus heterophyllus, a.k.a. "false holly". Completely different order from actual holly.

I'll never think of 柊 hiiragi as simply 'holly' again. Though I was in good company - that's what Flora Best Harris called it in English. Who was the first to translate hiiragi as 'holly'?

9.9.9:39: Is 'holly' in fact a translation of another, earlier (Dutch?) translation of hiiragi? Now I'm curious about early Dutch-Japanese lexicography. Early Portuguese-Japanese lexicography gets more attention.

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