I have updated my database of Tangut readings (download version 1.3 1 here) with the following changes:

- the anomalous ren-readings combining r- with a nonretroflex rhyme -en have been replaced by len. See Jacques (2014: 184-185).

- corrected readings for

L2164 and L3965 which had a nonexistent -an' rhyme instead of -y'

Thanks to Andrew West for spotting the wrong reading of L2164.

L5566 which belongs to rhyme 70 (1.67), not rhyme 67 (1.64)

L6027 which had r in the "Nasal/w" column instead of the "Cycle" column

The first change is in version 1.3 which I did not upload. All other changes are new in version 1.3.1.

Tangut fonts by Mojikyo.org
Tangut radical and Khitan fonts by Andrew West
Jurchen font by Jason Glavy
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